Academy of the Swipe

Books and courses about Fintech and Payments.


Ahmed Siddiqui

Who is the Client?

Ahmed Siddiqui is one of the founding members (product manager) at Marqeta and Branch, which are fintech startups worth $4B and $450M each.

Over 11,000 people read his Amazon bestseller payment book The Anatomy of the Swipe.


  1. Create a course

We helped Ahmed create a full course about payments with 7+ hours of video content.
After some consultations, we wrote lesson outlines and designed presentations.
After Ahmed recorded lessons with a webcam and a microphone, we edited each video.
You can check the course landing page here.

  1. Measure interest and build hype with LinkedIn content

We created organic content for Ahmed, reaching over 37k+ people on LinkedIn and getting over 1000 new followers.

  1. Create a funnel

We used Ahmed’s existing book on Amazon as a lead magnet for the main offer (the $997 course).

This allowed us to liquidate our customer acquisition costs in the frontend. Essentially, we’re getting customers for free for the course.

  1. Get traffic with Facebook & Instagram Ads

  1. Sell to companies

Besides selling this course to individuals, we reached out to fintech companies that could benefit from buying this course for training their employees.

This strategy has brought 3 financial companies that have bought copies in bulk (30-60 each).