Frequently Asked Questions


What should you do, how should you do it?
What can you do for me?

There are 6 main choices of educational products: video courses, books, live cohort courses, communities, offline training, and coaching programs.

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Video Course
- no time involvement after creating it (build once, sell forever)
- can scale well. you can have as many students as you want
- highest flexibility
- can be sold at all price ranges
- students can learn on their own timeframe
- 30-200 hour initial time investment
- builds your authority & trust
- doesn’t bring in much profit
- very high initial time investment
- can provide recurring revenue
- high engagement- build connections
- low monetization potential (on its own)
- requires some active involvement
Live cohort courses
- can be sold at high ticket prices
- low time investment per cohort
- engaging for students & you
- there is a 20-50 cap on the number of students per cohort
- you have to be there live
- your & students’ schedule is an obstacle
Offline training
- the most engaging
- can be sold at high ticket prices
- you have to be there (traveling costs)
- both location and schedule are great limiters
- you have to be there live (the business depends on you showing up)
Coaching program
- provides the most value
- can be sold at the highest prices
- easy to provide
- have to be there live
- not affordable for most people

In most cases, a course would make the most sense to most people. This is why we are focusing more on courses.
To note: A funnel of multiple educational products can work very well. For example, sell a book first that brings trust, then a mid-ticket course and a coaching offer at the end that will provide the most value (and make you the most amount of money).

How do I know if there is an opportunity in my market?

Our team vets all requests to work together to discover if you have valuable expertise in an in-demand market.
The best way to find out if there is an opportunity in your market is to book a meeting with us.

How do I create a good course?

That’s why we’re here. After creating more than 20 courses, we know what works and what is best to avoid. You’ll get all of the lessons that we’ve learned.
A good course has in-depth information, is concise, has no fluff, and is easy to understand.
We’ll help you do exactly that to make sure you create something you’re proud of.

How much do I need to invest in ads?

We advise you to start running ads for at least $50/day. A higher budget will allow us to test more ads, which means we’d get better results faster.
The ad spend is paid by you directly to Facebook.
Our average ROAS (return on ad spend) after 3 months is 3.4X. That means that if you put $100 in ads, you’d get $340 back in sales.

What are the next steps?

If everything sounds good and you decide you want to start/grow your educational business, we can discuss all of the remaining details in a consultation with us.
You can book a meeting with us on this link:


What do we do, how do we do it?
How much time will this take?

This business with only have an initial upfront time involvement and very low maintenance time involvement from your end, once the content is created.

Upfront time involvement:

A course usually has 5-12 hours of video content (more for technical subjects).
When working with us, each hour of video content takes 4-7h of work from you (20-30h if you’d do it alone).
So, you can expect to spend 20-100h of work to create the product.
Besides the product, other marketing & business activities would take an additional 3-7h.

Ongoing time involvement:

After the set-up phase is over, you’d only spend 1-2h per week on helping us film video ads, and 1 optional hour for meetings & feedback.
The work is fully flexible and is adapted to your schedule.
Those ~60h of setup work can be stretched out into 1h per day for 60 days or 4 weekends, for example.

What’s the investment required?

The usual costs to start this business range between $3,000 and $10,000, depending on your current progress.
Your costs include our service fee, ad spend, and software costs.

Who owns the assets?

Everything that we work on is owned by you - the course, website, marketing material, and so on.
When a student signs up, their payment goes to your bank account through Stripe, and then you pay us what we deserve.

What do you (Ken Group) do?

We’re here to help you with every part of the process of starting this educational venture or growing your existing venture.
We take you from the initial phases of research and product creation to website development, funnel building, and advertising.
We handle everything so you can worry about nothing (almost).

Who have you worked with?

We run our own educational company Smart Curs with 50,000 students and 15 online courses, so apply our strategies on our skin as well.
Our partners include Zerotoagency.com, Academy of the Swipe, Lamz Productions, Bhailog Academy, and many others.
You can check a comprehensive list of case studies & testimonials here.

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