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Start & grow your educational
business in less than 2h/week

We’ll help you monetize your knowledge by creating and growing your educational business to $10k-$50k/m.

At Ken Group, we focus entirely on promoting education. We partner with experts, educational businesses, and creators to help them create, market, and sell info products.

We’re here to help you with every part of the process of starting this educational venture or growing your existing venture. We take you from the initial phases of research and product creation to website development, funnel building, and advertising.
We handle everything so you can worry about nothing (almost).

Where have you seen an agency that also has a successful business in the same industry? One that solely focuses on education? What about one that brought over 100,000 students to its clients? One that gives you no headaches? Probably nowhere (except here).

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We operate our own educational company

Smart Curs is the top online course production company in Romania and Moldova.
50,000+ students
online courses
20 in-house instructors
19.4X ROAS*
*average is 3.1X
Just a taste of our


Academy of the Swipe

Helped bring 200+ students in a $997 video course

Zero to Agency

Helped bring 300+ students in a $997 program

Lamz Productions

Brought 30,000 students in 15 courses. 5x profits

Bhailog Academy

Doubled the profits for an Instagram growth course.


Here’s everything
we do

In 5 words, we do everything you need.
Business Strategy & Research

We help you find your ideal client, value proposition, best area of expertise, best market, and create a suited business, marketing, funnel, and content strategy according to that.

Product Development

We help you create your dream product - from the idea and scripting to filming and editing a course. We also help with workshops, coaching programs, ebooks, templates, guides, and all types of educational programs.

Website Development

We design beautiful websites for you and your courses, while taking care of the back-end to ensure everything runs smoothly for everyone.

UI Design

We create landing pages that are actually visually appealing (unlike Clickfunnels pages) while having a high conversion rate of 2.5%


We write copy that sounds on-brand and authentic while not sacrificing on sales.

Email Marketing

We automate your email marketing to optimize funnel conversions. This includes writing automated email sequences (3 - 14 emails) and setting them up on your marketing software.

Funnel Building

We build custom funnels for your programs, both low and high ticket. We do everything, including the copy, set-up and design, without being salesy.

Cold Outreach

We use our in-house systems to find the best leads, and email them at a lower cost than ads.

Online Advertising

We run ads on 1-2 of these platforms - FB, IG, X, LI, TikTok, YT, Google - depending on what is best for your business. We do everything from creating images and video to managing campaigns, targeting, and testing.

Social Media Content

We help write scripts, edit videos, design posts, manage and grow social media accounts on LI, IG, FB, TK, and X.

Sales Systems

We create whole sales systems for you, using CRMs, sales tools, and we even put our highly trained sales team to work alongside you in sales calls.


As a client, you’ll get 1:1 access to our founder & team, so you’ll skip all of our mistakes, learning a lot of in the process. We also give you access to our network.


Our amazing team members

Cristian Frunze
Rares Gaitan
Robert Susman
Brand Designer
Alex Searle
Itay Forer
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Our amazing team members

Cristian Frunze
Rares Gaitan
Robert Susman
Brand Designer
Youssef Berto
Head of Partnerships
Itay Forer
Piero Raciti
Head of Copywriting
Gilberto Arreghini
Media Buyer
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See what
other people
say about us

"You are looking at the next Elon Musk. Please do not pass this up"

Willing to do whatever it takes to ensure success for anyone he works with.

Ahmed Siddiqui | Bestselling author

"I still can’t believe Ken Group was able to 5x my profits in 2 months"

Lambros Lazoupulos | Course Creator

"Saying I was awed by what Cristian has accomplished and his business savvy as an entrepreneur would be an understatement"

Dani Whitestone | Co-founder

"One of the most impressive startups I have ever encountered"

Zev Asch | Podcast Host

"I highly recommend Ken for any opportunity that requires an excellent approach, strong communication skills, work ethic, and marketing knowledge. A company whose work is impressive."

Irina Verlan | AI Ethics specialist

"It makes me think how much further ahead I would have been if I had even a quarter of the talent, energy, and speed that Ken Group possesses."

Alex Searle | Entrepreneur

“If I was to launch my online course, I would 100% collaborate with this agency.”


How do I know if there is an opportunity in my market?

If you’re an expert in your field, and that field is in demand, then you’re a good fit and there could be a good opportunity here.
Book a meeting with us to talk about this.

How much time will this take?

This business with only have an initial upfront time involvement and very low maintenance time involvement from your end, once the content is created.
You can expect to spend 20-100h of work to create the product.
After the set-up phase is over, you’d only spend 1-2h per week on helping us film video ads, and 1 optional hour for meetings & feedback.
The work is fully flexible and is adapted to your schedule.

What’s the investment required?

The usual costs to start this business range between $6,000 and $10,000, depending on your current progress.
Your costs include our service fee, ad spend, and software costs.

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