Ryan Collins

A videography course creator that helps students make money freelancing.


Ryan Collins

Who is the Client?

Ryan, a full-time video editor and content creator, empowers freelancers to transition from 9-5 jobs to full-time online income. Since leaving corporate life in 2019, his courses have offered practical insights, emphasizing attracting high-ticket clients, niche authority, and fair compensation for creative skills.


  • transition from Skillshare to his own platform
  • getting students engaged in his courses
  • growing on social media (YouTube & Instagram)
  • getting sustainable traffic


  1. Build an easy-to-use website
  2. Create high-converting funnels
  3. Email Marketing automation
  4. Social Media Launch Strategy
  5. Creating course-specific content on social media
  6. Getting profitable traffic from Facebook ads
  7. Testing funnels, ads, emails, etc.